lundi 24 janvier 2011

le corbeau et le goële...

(corbeau british du Silver Dawn, goële bigouden)...

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  1. Hello Richard!
    Photo superbe, continu à nous en montrer ,c'est un plaisir chaque matin de découvrir la nouvelle venue.

  2. Je ne connaissais pas cette fable de la Fontaine!!! J'attends la suite RV...

  3. Hi to all .
    The bird on the bow of the Silver Dawn is not a Raven.
    Its a Cornish Chuff , you can tell this as it has a red beak.
    The Chuff is only found in Cornwall and is used on the Cornish signs . The Cornish like the Bretons are very proud of their Heritage and adorn a lot of things with the chuff.
    I seem to remember the golden coloured balls on the shield represent the nuggets of tin ore from the Cornish mines another tradition and part of the Cornish heritage.
    thanks les g