dimanche 14 octobre 2007

La pointe

Quartier maritime de Léchiagat

La pointe, maritime district of Léchiagat, in front of Le Guilvinec

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  1. Maison jaune en bas et rouge en haut
    Les enfants et les parents sont ils fachés.
    J'espère que tu n'a pas pleuré hier soir !!!

    J'ai pensé à toi
    you have been TAGGED. see my blog for details
    Good day

  2. I am fascinated by all the bloggers from France...so many lovely posts. This one of yours is beautiful and makes me yearn to spend lots of time in yur country.

  3. I like this photo, the colors and shapes of the houses. Were you on a boat in the ocean when you took the photo?

    Thanks for visiting the autumn leaves at my blog. I will post more soon, from the hills above our neighborhood.

  4. Lynette : The photo was taken from Le Guilvinec, sea the aerian view in the right side of my blog.

    Thanks for all comments

  5. those homes are beautiful! the colors are so striking...

  6. There is another pointe I love or better: I loved so much. It's the Pointe du Raz. I said I loved because I loved so much a very small Hotel quite near to the top: "Hotel de L'Iroise" by Madame Le Coz that actually is no longer there thanks to short view of Governement.